Thursday, 1 April 2010

Welcome to 'one rainy afternoon' by zoë

Well, here goes. Instalment one of my blog!

I have been thinking about setting up a blog for a while but, to be honest, I have always been slightly wary of blogs. I always found the thought of sharing my whole life with, potentially, the entire world more than a bit weird and ,in equal measure, couldn't imagine why anyone would want to see what little old me had been up to.

However, having been inspired by some of the blogs I have come across whilst looking for ideas or help on sewing techniques I thought I would give it a go.

My idea is to use this blog as an on line diary or record of my creations. At the moment it is all a bit 'work in progress' but eventually I would like it to show the things I make for my etsy shop, other sewing and design projects and anything else creative that I feel like sharing, in particular some photography.

This weekend I will post some of the things I have made over the last couple of weeks but for now here is a taster of what I am about to list in my etsy shop.....have a good easter weekend!

Blue fabric ruffle and corsage necklace

Pink cotton cushion with large white flower

Dainty white fabric rose necklace on a pale grey satin ribbon

White cotton cushion with large pink flower

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