Tuesday, 22 November 2011

New blog

Over the last few weeks i have been having problems with this blog. Not being able to log in, or not being able to create new posts or load up photos. Anyway I have therefore decided to bring forward the transfer to a new blog. For the moment the content of this blog will stay here and I will link to as much of the useful (ha ha) stuff or popular stuff as possible. Eventually I would like to get everything transferred to the new blog but for the moment that would take more technical knowledge than i have or i have the time to learn. Over the next few days I will get the new blog up and running and then I will be back with the details so stay tuned...

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Birdie tunic

after making something very very similar as a christmas present for a little girl i know mademoiselle e. ordered 'one the same'.
as her every wish is my command i obviously obliged.

the pattern is based on the square necked yoke dress pattern from Homemade Kids Book II but I shortened the length to make it tunic style (mlle e. is "off" dresses at the moment).

the fabric is a very soft corduroy with a brown background, cute turquoise birdies and pink flowers with various green coloured leaves. there is an opening at the back which fastens with two heart shaped buttons which you can just make out on the photo below if you look hard. the yoke section is fully lined with a turquoise cotton which I also used to bind the bottom section of the back opening.

as it is november i had envisaged the tunic being worn over a long sleeved tee but it was warm last weekend and mlle e. cannot abide being too hot so it was worn as is.

i love this fabric and there is still some left but i'm not sure it would look so cute on me!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Sunday sunshine

 We have had spectacular weather here for the last three days. Bright blue skies and warm, almost hot, sunshine. Just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Baby Blanket 1

Babies need blankets. Everyone knows that. So, what better to do, when waiting for the baby that doesn't want to leave your stomach, than make some blankets.

Firstly, the sort of quilt blanket. 

Sort of, because the front is made up like a quilt - 9 squares with appliqued images all bound together nicely, just like a quilt.  Only I have had never quilted before you see and I had horrible images of all my hard work doing the appliqué and binding it altogether so nicely ending up in some tangled ugly mess so, rather than quilt, I decided to just add a backing of lovely snugly 'doudou' fabric.

the 'doudou' fabric backing, and the obligatory 'label'!

Here are close ups of the appliquéd squares:

the star

the elephant

the apple

the cat

the tree

the bird

the dog

the balloons

the fish
And, here, a little person enjoying a kick

"will I be able to wear those boots soon?"

Saturday Six

a walk in the autumn rain.
it is very important, when walking in the rain, to walk in every puddle you come across!
(if you are three, six or seven years old, that is)

Friday, 4 November 2011

Friday Five!


1. Iced and decorated fairy cakes
2. One sleeping baby
3. A print of the first photo of all four together
4. An appliqued play mat
5. Mustard buttons to go on a grey shirt dress under construction

Have a lovely weekend xxx

Thursday, 3 November 2011

No, I didn't fall off a cliff......

I just had a baby... and well, latter stages of pregnancy combined with school summer holidays, family visits and then getting everyone settled into new classes, new activities and new routines didn't leave me any time or energy for blogging.

I haven't been entirely idle for the last few months though as this little series of maternity pictures will show. Some of the clothes have been blogged about before but others were finished over the summer and I will go into more detail about them over the next week or so. In the meantime I have a hungry baby to deal with so I will leave you with the photos and I'll be back soon!

Lisette for Simplicity dress (adapted for a bump)

Lisette tunic (adapted for a bump)

Meg Nielsen wrap around maternity top

self drafted pink linen shorts

Japanese sewing book pattern adapted for a bump with peter pan collar

Colette patterns crepe dress (adapted for a bump)

self drafted jersey drop waisted dress

self drafted jersey yoke dress

p.s. do you like my new banner???