Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hanging out at Chapelle St Sidoine

In an attempt to completely tire the kids this morning we took them to Chapelle St Sidoine up in the foothills of the Ventoux. Blue skies, sunshine...and plenty of goûters!!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Trouser Muslin 2 and a decoration update

Given my hacking about of muslin 1 I decided that I should make a second muslin. As described in this post I decided that the crotch depth and the trouser length of muslin 1 needed shortening and I also decided to stick with the front pleats.

I transferred these changes to the paper pattern and duly cut muslin 2.

muslin 2 the front view

I think the fit is better here, certainly round the crotch, but I still have the pyjama sensation. Admittedly this is not helped by the fabric I am using as a muslin - it is slightly flannely so feels soft and warm to the touch which is nice and comfortable but doesn't give the sensation of looking tall and leggy!!

I think though, fit wise, I should take something off the width - perhaps taking the outer seams in a little which should also help the waist to fit better and stay up as at the moment it feels as though it is a little loose and therefore slips down.

muslin 2 side view

muslin 2 with side seams pinned in 2 cm on each side
As you can see from the caption above this is what it looks like with the side seams pinned in a little. Altogether better I think and now starting to ressemble proper trousers that could be worn out of the house rather than pull on pj bottoms!

muslin 2 with side seams pinned in

In other news little boy's room is nearly finished. His curtains are done and I have even made two assorted cushions to go on his reading chair (!). His bed is up and I am now just waiting a shelving unit and the room will be complete. The girl's new room is also up and running so the three little people are now all sleeping in their new rooms even if there is still a bit of decoration to be done, particularly in the girl's room.

The playroom is also nearly complete. After furrowing under chairs and down the back of sofas, not to mention checking every bag in the house I think I managed to find all the toys we own (or have managed to acquire). They were then duly sorted and each and every one now has its own place in the play room. Believe me, that was not an easy or quick task and I am more than glad it is done. (It also goes without saying that a large amount of things found their way into black bags and either to the Red Cross or the tip, but I can't say that out loud because three little people are totally unaware that there may have been toys in the house that didn't make it to the new playroom!)

I will try and get some photos of the new rooms to show you once they are all complete but for the moment here are a few little snippets of their new kingdom!

little boy's cushions on his reading chair (I should have spotted it was upside down...)

blue magnetic board, chalk board and a sneak of the curtains

have a nice day poster from here

family photos

the little boy himself

storage in the playroom

everything has it's place!
the playmobile 

even baby!

and reference books

and pens

the playroom far

I am taking the next few days off in terms of decoration and so am hoping to get a little bit of sewing done. Those burda trousers will be mine!!

Have a good weekend.