Friday, 25 June 2010

Pink gingham for a girl and a blanket for a boy

Second pink gingham tunic of the week. This time with short sleeves and a button closure at the back.

And a boy blanket. Cotton 'bubbles' on the upper side and light blue 'minky' underneath. Interlined with fleece for added cosyness (particularly as it is on its way to New Zealand).

A matching gym bag completed the set and made a perfect house for the little wooden man!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Grand plans...

so my grand plan for today was to photograph all the things I have made over the last couple of weeks and haven't posted about yet. Unfortunately grand plans often go awry.

Instead I did lots more sewing.....which is good in that I will have more things to show...but bad in that none of them are photographed yet.

Some of the things finished this morning were the cushions and the remaining curtain for the salon (I could say "lounge" but salon just sounds so much smarter doesn't it??).

I quickly took a couple of photos tonight with the new lens for my camera which I am very excited about (more on that to come) so here you are. (If you check out this blog regularly you might be thinking that you have already seen the new look salon but I have since edited that post as I had broken the most important rule in interior design - NEVER take photos of rooms without armfuls of cut flowers on every surface.....)

Other things finished today include a baby blanket for a kiwi boy and a shirt dress for me, a tunic for little boy and end of term presents for school teachers and dance teachers. Phew!

Tomorrow night is the school 'spectacle' so I will also hopefully have photos of all the costumes some time this weekend. The girls are very excited and have made me promise they can stay up until "at least" midnight!!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sewing Tuesday

This morning I finished off two more tunics. I've got pictures of one - the other I'll show later in the week.

You probably recognise the fabric - here is a close up.

After that I attacked the new curtains for the salon ( see Thursdays post for updated "designer" photos!!).

Saturday, 19 June 2010

New tunics

The girls have new tunics.

Big girl's is in pink cotton gingham, self bound with three pleats down the front and an elastic waist.

Little girl's also has the three pleats and the elastic waist but is in a heart, flower and butterfly print and the neck is bound in self made pink and white spot bias.

(Little boy has too but wanted to keep his hoodie on - pictures to come when it heats up).

Friday, 18 June 2010

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Come on Debbie Rose

look what you're missing


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

we have a week (at least) of rainy afternoons forecast....which is completely depressing seeing as it is mid-june and we should be spending afternoons at the pool.

oh well, it should enable me to catch up on my projects and blogging.

here is a little taster of some of the nursery items for my soon to arrive little niece.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Les travaux

my front garden

That's my daughter!

Only the chosen few can understand how much pleasure a new pair of shoes can bring. Particularly a new pair of shoes that are shiny and have flowers and have jewels. Luckily my daughter is among the chosen few!

update at 9.30pm - I have just been up to check that they are all asleep and to remove books and toys etc from their beds - and she has taken her new sandals to bed with her!!

Monday, 7 June 2010

World cup madness

Living where we do we are, obviously, very sheltered from England mania. What is surprising though (given that France are also participating) is that unless you decided to find out about all things sporting and, in particular, football you could easily go about your business here and not know that the World Cup is imminent.

I have yet to see a child (or an adult) in a French top and there are definitely no flags on cars or outside houses. The girls haven't yet come home from school chanting "allez les bleus" and the 'seasonal' aisles of the local supermarket are still stocked with swimming pool products and suncream - no world cup merchandising in sight.

Now most of the time I prefer it this way - I am certainly very happy that my kids aren't hankering after oodles of mass produced tacky merchandising - but I have to admit that at the weekend I thought it would maybe be fun to get them a subtle t-shirt each given that England's first game is next weekend and Daddy will be here to watch it. (I should probably state at this point that although as each day goes by the kids become more and more french - shivering at the sight of a cloud and that sort of thing - when it comes to sport their Dad has made it quite clear that they are to support England - or should I say - Eng-er-land).

So I had a look at a few websites. It would seem that any sense of style or class that people might have possessed before has completely evaporated when it comes to world cup 'eng-er-land' madness.

England fake eye lashes (yes, really) , bikinis (with 'England' in jewelled lettering!) and England crocs being some of the better items available to purchase. And that is without mentionning that horror of horrors - white shiny polyester 'sports' apparel (and I use the term 'sports' lightly as the majority of people who seem to don such garments seem to work more on their guts than their abs).

If you can bear it click here to see images of offending items!!

So my new project-on-the-side ('on-the-side' because I have so many other "proper" projects also going on) is to make each a child a subtle and, hopefully, not completely style-less world cup 'eng-er-land' item - check back later this week for pictures!!

I am also very behind in photographing (and blogging about) what I have been creating...maybe I'll use the time that Daddy is explaining the offside rule to the kids to get up to date!!

Sunday, 6 June 2010


We've been busy doing this

(we have very kind neighbours who practically beg us to go and help ourselves. So we do. I'm not sure that they realised how many cherries three children and one mum can eat......!)