Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Fairy cakes and lettuce

Don't worry it's not a new fad diet (although maybe it could be?) - it's just what I'm showcasing today. Today being Wednesday so no school and therefore no ability to sew.

The garden is coming on nicely. Little boy is unfailing in his enthusiasm for watering and checking the plants. The girls are slightly more ambivalent. Any drops of water that happen to fall on them can turn into a complete catastrophe unless it is approaching at least 30°c or if they have the 'wrong' shoes on! The more water that falls on little boy - the better.

The girls have rekindled their interest in the plants though since they noticed little boy eating raspberries - straight from the plant. I could be wrong but I doubt they'll be hiding behind the tree to sneaks lettuce leaves. I tried to get a photo of the ripe raspberries but by the time I got there they had all gone!

This afternoon we had friends over for 'goûter' so we made, and iced, fairy cakes for the occasion. I'm still trying to work out how little boy managed to ice and decorate twice as many cakes as each of the girls...(the firm grip on the hundreds and thousands may go some way to explaining it).

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