Thursday, 24 June 2010

Grand plans...

so my grand plan for today was to photograph all the things I have made over the last couple of weeks and haven't posted about yet. Unfortunately grand plans often go awry.

Instead I did lots more sewing.....which is good in that I will have more things to show...but bad in that none of them are photographed yet.

Some of the things finished this morning were the cushions and the remaining curtain for the salon (I could say "lounge" but salon just sounds so much smarter doesn't it??).

I quickly took a couple of photos tonight with the new lens for my camera which I am very excited about (more on that to come) so here you are. (If you check out this blog regularly you might be thinking that you have already seen the new look salon but I have since edited that post as I had broken the most important rule in interior design - NEVER take photos of rooms without armfuls of cut flowers on every surface.....)

Other things finished today include a baby blanket for a kiwi boy and a shirt dress for me, a tunic for little boy and end of term presents for school teachers and dance teachers. Phew!

Tomorrow night is the school 'spectacle' so I will also hopefully have photos of all the costumes some time this weekend. The girls are very excited and have made me promise they can stay up until "at least" midnight!!

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