Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Advent bunting

I have a niece who is about to experience her first christmas. So to ensure that the build up is as it should be I have made her some advent bunting. I saw something similar in a magazine a couple of years ago and just made it up as I went along. The magazine photos were, of course, styled with fairy lights draped around the bunting and delicately positioned pieces of holly, mistletoe and fir branches. I had hoped to do something similar but it is cold, rainy and very very windy (so no greenery - I don't like getting cold and wet!) and the fairy lights are in a box right at the back of a very dirty and dusty garage.....

Les mademoiselles et petit garçon have though decided they would like something similar (rather than the hanging bags they had last year) so IF I have time to make another set of bunting and IF I get some greenery and IF I make it to the deepest depths of the garage I will treat you to a proper photo shoot!

In the meantime please just hum along to a Christmas Carol whilst you look at the following photos.....I am sure that will do the trick!

The bunting goes from 1 to 24 (of course).

Each bunting square is actually a little pochette to be filled with little gifts.

Now I just have to fill the pochettes!


  1. Wonderful! Good luck finding small presents to fill it Popsie

  2. http://selfishlyhappy.blogspot.com/2010/11/craft-advent-bunting.html