Tuesday, 25 January 2011

An evening with Burda 127

Who says you can't have fun on a cold January evening in rural France?

I finally got round to finishing off the muslin of Burda 127, trying it on and photographing it. All this was done after nightfall hence the 'glow' of the photos!

After reading some of the comments about this pattern I decided to cut size 72. My measurements were actually between this size and the next one up but as so many people had found their muslins drowning them I went for the smaller size...and as you can see there was still somewhat of a drowned effect!

muslin 1 the front view
My main problem with the front view is the feeling of excess fabric in the front  leg sections (there is obviously the length problem too but given that this is a tall pattern I was assuming that goes without saying). The crotch is also a bit low and the width could do with taking in maybe but I have to say that overall I was not quite as daunted as I had expected to be (having read that some people are on their 5th muslin I had expected much worse).

Muslin 1 the back view
 The back view I was actually quite happy with. The photos show a lot of creasing but most of that is, I confess, due to lack of ironing rather than problems with the fit.

Muslin 1 the side view.
 Again, I was happily surprised to find the side view not too bad - it confirmed my feeling of excess on the front leg sections but otherwise I'm pretty happy.

So, given that Sunni has written some great fitting posts and I have a book that promises a 'perfect fit' if you follow their fitting advice what do you think I did next?

Yep - I went right off piste and decided to see whether if I redrafted the front leg section altogether, omitting the pleat, this would solve the excess fabric issue!

You see I wasn't keen on the pleaty baginess around the front of my crotch - are you with me??

But rather than redoing the whole muslin because although I do live in rural France and it is January I still have some kind of life (really) and probably also because I realised I really was going out on a bit of a whim I decided to just try out my theory on one leg.

I know, genius!

I then decided that I should probably adhere to some proper fitting advice and shorten the crotch depth and length as well.

So here is muslin 1B (with my left leg with newly drafted without pleat section).

Muslin 1B front view
 And do you know what? once the crotch and length are pinned up I actually prefer the side with the pleat. Now I am really glad I only altered one front leg!

Muslin 1B back view
 I admit that it was starting to get late now so I couldn't be bothered to properly pin the back and side sections but I did start a second proper muslin taking into account the alterations which I will hopefully photograph tonight.
Muslin 1B side view
 And, as Sunni promised me tallness and leggyness if I went with this pattern I thought I would try the muslin with these shoes...
tall and leggy?
I mean, trousers can only do so much....

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