Sunday, 12 June 2011


The Photo Fun topic for June 11th was to take a silhouette photo. Although I knew what I was after a little bit of googling (whatever did we do before google and youtube??) confirmed roughly what I had to do with the camera to achieve the desired effect.

Basically you need the light behind the subject and you need to set your exposure by the light in the background so that the subject shows up as a silhouette - in other words just as dark shapes in the foreground.

The best time to take silhouette photos is at sunrise or sunset but as that has not been possible for me over the last couple of days I took this after the theatre on Friday night. It is not the best example of a silhouette photo as there is still too much light on the subjects - although I picked a spot where the background was much more lit up than the foreground there was still some ambient light in the foreground which means they do not just appear as completely black silhouettes - but I like the overall effect.

After the theatre

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