Saturday, 12 November 2011

Baby Blanket 1

Babies need blankets. Everyone knows that. So, what better to do, when waiting for the baby that doesn't want to leave your stomach, than make some blankets.

Firstly, the sort of quilt blanket. 

Sort of, because the front is made up like a quilt - 9 squares with appliqued images all bound together nicely, just like a quilt.  Only I have had never quilted before you see and I had horrible images of all my hard work doing the appliqué and binding it altogether so nicely ending up in some tangled ugly mess so, rather than quilt, I decided to just add a backing of lovely snugly 'doudou' fabric.

the 'doudou' fabric backing, and the obligatory 'label'!

Here are close ups of the appliquéd squares:

the star

the elephant

the apple

the cat

the tree

the bird

the dog

the balloons

the fish
And, here, a little person enjoying a kick

"will I be able to wear those boots soon?"

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