Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Birdie tunic

after making something very very similar as a christmas present for a little girl i know mademoiselle e. ordered 'one the same'.
as her every wish is my command i obviously obliged.

the pattern is based on the square necked yoke dress pattern from Homemade Kids Book II but I shortened the length to make it tunic style (mlle e. is "off" dresses at the moment).

the fabric is a very soft corduroy with a brown background, cute turquoise birdies and pink flowers with various green coloured leaves. there is an opening at the back which fastens with two heart shaped buttons which you can just make out on the photo below if you look hard. the yoke section is fully lined with a turquoise cotton which I also used to bind the bottom section of the back opening.

as it is november i had envisaged the tunic being worn over a long sleeved tee but it was warm last weekend and mlle e. cannot abide being too hot so it was worn as is.

i love this fabric and there is still some left but i'm not sure it would look so cute on me!

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  1. Glad you are back! Have missed you Popsie x