Thursday, 3 November 2011

No, I didn't fall off a cliff......

I just had a baby... and well, latter stages of pregnancy combined with school summer holidays, family visits and then getting everyone settled into new classes, new activities and new routines didn't leave me any time or energy for blogging.

I haven't been entirely idle for the last few months though as this little series of maternity pictures will show. Some of the clothes have been blogged about before but others were finished over the summer and I will go into more detail about them over the next week or so. In the meantime I have a hungry baby to deal with so I will leave you with the photos and I'll be back soon!

Lisette for Simplicity dress (adapted for a bump)

Lisette tunic (adapted for a bump)

Meg Nielsen wrap around maternity top

self drafted pink linen shorts

Japanese sewing book pattern adapted for a bump with peter pan collar

Colette patterns crepe dress (adapted for a bump)

self drafted jersey drop waisted dress

self drafted jersey yoke dress

p.s. do you like my new banner???

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