Friday, 30 April 2010

An (annoyance) of unfinished projects

I'm not sure what the correct collective term is for a group of unfinished projects but one thing that I do know is that the longer the list of unfinished projects gets the more annoying I find it.

Added to this I seem, at times, to have a propensity to accumulate unfinished creations.

So over the last few days I have cut out three pairs of shorts. One pair is nearly done, one half sewn up and the other still in pieces. Added to this I have traced off the pattern and cut out half a dress, I have four bags almost ready to go into my etsy shop, a further dress that just needs the finishing to be done and three different sets of cushions also to go into my etsy shop, once finished...

You get the picture?

In addition I have half edited the DVD of our family ski holiday, half planted up the adult vegetable garden and nearly decided on the colour to paint the salon once the new curtains are completely finished...

All this and we are forecast rain this afternoon which should mean I start at the top of the list and tick each project off as I finish it. But somehow I am not in the mood so little boy and I are going to make a cake and then watch Oui Oui on loop!!

Tomorrow is la Fête du Travail here and weather permitting (as usual on a bank holiday, having had sunshine all week, the forecast is gloomy) we have a choice, for our Saturday outing, of Fête des Fleurs in Entrechaux or a vide grenier in Vaison.

I'll keep you posted - maybe I could get some stuff to start some new projects!!

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