Saturday, 24 April 2010

Summer loving

Today was the day.
First proper meal outside (other than picnicking and snacks)
and the summer cushions came out.

I will now admit that the photo above was taken last summer. I would have taken one today to prove that the said cushions have indeed come out of hibernation but as our drive is currently a builder's yard the back drop wouldn't have looked quite so idyllic.

I might take a photo of the "bobcat" to show you one day soon. Little boy thinks it is fantastic.

Talking of little boy here are the shorts that I made for him this week. The first pair is in "gris chine' linen. I topstitched in red and added a red false tie at the front.

The second pair are in a pale blue chambray (thanks Popsie!) and I topstitched in dark yellow. Little boy particularly likes the pockets.

As you can see from the first shot he started the day in the grey linen pair but after a chocolate ice cream he is now wearing the second pair.....

which brings me neatly on to summer dressing and children and , in particular, girls. What is it that makes it obligatory to change outfits every half hour ? As I write this we have not yet had lunch and yet we are on at least our 7th outfit of the day...!

As I don't (yet) have nearly enough clothes to compete with the girls in the outfit changing challenge I spent a quick hour this afternoon cutting out some wide leg summer trousers for myself in the rest of the grey linen. I again used my Japanese sewing book for the basis of the pattern but am going to opt for a drawstring waist rather than elastic as, in my opinion, there is an age past which elastic waisted trousers (unless for sport) are a firm no no.

Have a good weekend!

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