Thursday, 22 April 2010

Keepie uppie anyone?

So, the great short and shirt sew for little boy had to go on hold this morning. Thursday is the day that I teach English to the 5 and 6 year olds in big girl's class and as we were going to embark on parts of the body today I decided that I needed to make 14 little bean bags for them to place on the different parts of their bodies whilst they learnt the english for them.....

in fact mostly what they learnt is that they are not very good at keepie uppie.......!! I should have known better!

After lunch I made two pairs of little boy shorts - pictures to follow as my camera battery has just died!

As promised though a picture of my new blouse (frilly stripy one has been getting lots of wear and today I have worn black and white spot one - even though I say it myself I am very chuffed with both of them!).

This most recent blouse is based on a pattern from my new Japanese sewing book (more to come on that) and I used a linen/cotton mix fabric which doesn't show up too brilliantly here but I will take some better photos tomorrow to show you.

And to end, I finally got round to finishing this dress for big girl

and a close up of the fabric.

Good night!

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