Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Autumn MadMen-ness or just madness?

Having read the fashion pages in the weekend papers this weekend something slowly dawned on me - I am sadly lacking in an Autumn wardrobe. I don't just mean a wardrobe of this season's latest trends I mean any kind of apparel bought or made for Autumn. There is obviously a point when you stop wearing Summer clothes and thinking back I think I have then sort of fudged it until it was definitely cold enough to wear Winter clothes. But not anymore. This Autumn things are going to change.

So where better to start than a list of "Essentials"!

A perusal of various magazines and fashion sites gave me insight into fashion editor's ideas of "Essentials" which, to be honest, didn't seem entirely 'essential' to me so I have compiled my own list of things I hope to make over the next few weeks (obviously time being of the essence due to the fact that if I don't get a move on Autumn will be over).

Everywhere from the catwalk to the high street seems to be going Mad Man mad at the moment so first up will be a couple of Mad Men-esque outfits inspired in part by the offerings from Banana Republic (see below). I am thinking a couple of skirts with mix and match tops and hopefully (although this is unlikely to happen for this Autumn) a jacket.

Tops wise it seems that blouses are "de retour". A sheer (maybe spotty) one with a tie neck maybe and then probably a couple of more every day ones.

Also on my list of "must haves" was some kind of coat/jacket and I am still wondering whether to go "cape". They are very "in" at the moment and, obviously, being "in" is better than being "out".

Finally I would like to try to make some trousers. I have in mind a thin wool, dark navy or black peg trouser but have yet to find a pattern and will probably try and get the other projects out of the way first as having never made trousers before (drawstring ones don't count) I think I will probably need to devote some serious time to them.

All being well I will be fabric shopping tomorrow (albeit with a two year old in tow) so Autumn wardrobe here I come!

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