Tuesday, 14 September 2010

First Autumn Project

One of the projects on my list to do this Autumn is a coat/jacket for myself. I haven't yet decided on fabric or shape yet but given that I haven't made a coat before I thought I should get a bit of practice.

Now there are many good things about having children but one thing is that when you want to practice sewing a particular garment but don't really want to practice on fabric meant for yourself you can practice on a garment for one of the children. And if you want to go one step further you can not tell them you are making the garment to practice and then they will think you have made it for them out of the kindness and goodness of your motherly heart. (Not that she would have cared anyway because it is pink and there is a flower on it).

Step up one fully lined pink swing coat. There is a yoke at the front and under the back yoke a box pleat - to give it the swing. The pink outer fabric is what was left after making my Colette Patterns skirt last winter - nice and soft and warm. The lining is pink cotton with orange spots from Clothkits. The pattern for the coat was from DMK easywear from etsy and went together beautifully.

I toyed with interlining the coat to make it really warm (our winters can be very cold) but then I remembered the need for Autumn garments and so the coat remained un-interlined and will be worn once the weather merits a little something but before big cosy snugness is needed.

The second little miss has now requested a similar coat and I am thinking that it could work well in corduroy (clothkits have a lovely pink one or a purple one) or even fleecy jersey for a more casual look.

I haven't yet chosen the buttons - there will be two large ones at the top on the yoke. If I don't find any ready made ones soon I will probably cover some large plastic ones with either the outer fabric or the lining fabric (or maybe one of each).

The lining:

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