Thursday, 16 September 2010

Forgotten Summer Dress

Ok, when I sat forgotten I don't mean I forgot about the dress - I just forgot to blog about it. I had constructed most of it before les grandes vacances but then little people and visits to the river and the pool intervened meaning that it sat half done for about 6 weeks until I found the time to go and get some buttons and finish the hem.

Then once it was done I wore it almost non stop as the fabric was perfect for our very hot August and it added a bit of chic-ness (or so I like to think) to a summer mostly spent in shorts.

The pattern is from one of my Japanese sewing books but I left off the sleeves. I also used liberty bias on the arm holes rather than self bias, out of laziness really.

I had originally planned to cover buttons in the same fabric but then I saw a picture of a dress with wood buttons and thought they would be perfect.

I made a tie belt out of the same fabric but actually mainly wore the dress with the leather and ribbon belt pictured below which, being a wide belt, did a better job of cinching in the waist.

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