Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Project Runway Re-make / re-fashion - Part 2

I have been through the pile of garments waiting patiently to be recreated into some new trendy stunning item and picked out those that I am going to use for the challenge (if you missed part 1 - see here). I haven't yet decided whether I will use all the items to make one new item or whether I will make several (or, more than one, anyway) new items.

First up a pair of jeans that I never wear as they are not at all comfortable. The denim is hard and if I am honest I bought a size too small. That coupled with no-give denim does not make for a comfortable fit.

Secondly an old white summer skirt.

And, lastly an old shirt.

A close up of the fabric of the shirt.

Why am I thinking that this sounds more like Ready Steady Cook than a show that will end in a catwalk presentation???

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  1. this garments are ideal for your project, looking forward to seeing your results.