Monday, 18 October 2010

5. The cross photograph

'A long time ago when I was a little girl with a naughty little sister who was younger than myself, our mother made us a beautiful coat each. They were lovely red coats with black buttons to do them up....We were very proud children when we put our new red coats on. Our mother was proud too...and she said "I know! You shall have your photographs taken. Then we can always remember how smart they look.
...and when the photographer man said "Are you both ready?" my bad little sister kept her eyes shut and said "No". naughty little sister kept her eyes shut tight as tight and said "No taken! No taken!" And she got so cross and shouted so much that the photographer - man said " All right then. I will just take your big sister by herself".'

(More Naughty Little Sister Stories, Chapter 5 by Dorothy Edwards)

Boiled wool red jacket

with peter pan collar and two buttons to fasten

Button detail on the cuffs

The back view

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