Saturday, 9 October 2010

Grey dotty sencha and a pencil skirt

You may remember that I talked about my Autumn wardrobe (or lack of it). Well, stalled by various other projects, I have finally got round to photographing outfit number 1.
I modified the Sencha pattern from Colette patterns to lower the neckline and rather than making ties out of the fabric I used a ribbon I had in my stash. The buttons down the back are self covered.

To go with the blouse is a straight forward black wool pencil skirt. I used Vogue pattern number 8640 and made a muslin to try and get the fit just perfect. I followed the Cupcake Goddess' tutorials and have to say that I agree whole- heartedly with her assertion that putting an iron anywhere near an invisible zipper is just asking for trouble.

The skirt would probably look better in the photos if a) I had ironed it properly first and b) not had a balloon wafting around in front of me. But when you have a 5 year old taking your photo with a two year old lurking and looking for any chance of getting hold of the camera there is only a certain window of opportunity. This also explains why there are no photos of the top and skirt together. You will just have to believe me when I say that they go together quite well!

Overall I am really pleased with the fit. Sunni's (cupcake goddess') tips on fitting were spot on and her tutorial on the back vent, rather than a simple split, is brilliant.

The skirt pattern didn't call for a lining but I decided to add one in bright fuschia to prevent itching when the skirt is worn without tights, and that sticking to tights thing that can happen with unlined skirts.

As seems to be the trend amongst classy sewing bloggers I added some lace around the bottom of the lining.

Next up, hopefully this week, is another skirt and blouse combo - I am still mulling over the coat v cape question!


  1. That skirt just looks so well-fitted! The sencha blouse is also gorgeous.

  2. thats lovely. hi.. I'm your newest follower.