Friday, 8 October 2010

What happened to the jeans - Part II

As you saw yesterday the jeans I decided to re-cycle made firstly a marble bag for Mademoiselle to use in the playground.

There was still quite a lot of denim left though which I transformed into bag number 2.

It seems that around this time of year, for the past few years, I have got the knitting bug.

It normally doesn't last long (rarely even long enough to make a "quick and easy" scarf!!) but whilst it does last I have to have the knitting to hand so that I can squeeze the odd row in here and there. Now having knitting lying around where there are also small children usually only means one thing (which probably explains why I struggle to finish anything) so when the bug hit this year I decided that I should find something to house my knitting rather than leaving it in sight of little fingers that like to pull stitches off needles.

Step up denim bag number 2. (and please excuse the state of the windows!)

I used the rest of the strips of denim sewn together to make the outer part of the bag. It is lined with the rest of the flowery fabric that I also used to line the marble bag. There is a magnetic fastening (which I am very proud of!) and the handles are line with the remnants of the shirt - waste not want not!

On one outer side I have added a back pocket of the jeans to give me two outer pockets for my instructions and notions (aka buttons!). I also added a fabric flower and a vintage pink flowery button.

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