Thursday, 4 November 2010

Boy Jeans

There are lots of things I expected when petit monsieur came along....more football, less barbies, more rough and tumble, less tutus....

But one thing I didn't expect was a stubborn determination regarding what is acceptable attire.

Believe me (and those that know me and Mademoiselle E can vouch for this) I have lived through a two year old deciding what she will (and more often, will not) wear. But just because I have lived it once doesn't mean it is any easier second time round. Particularly when the only response I get to any kind of attempt at persuasion is "I am boy".

Apparently boys wear jeans. Which means they wear jeans every day. Even if they have several other pairs of extremely nice trousers. If they are not jeans they are not to be worn. Boys wear jeans.

This is, of course, fine when his jeans are clean and dry but when they are in the wash or still damp this causes problems. Hence the new boy jeans. Whipped up one evening whilst his two other pairs whirled round in the washing machine.

He was a little sceptical at first but I had pre-empted this and enlisted the girls and the builders to comment on his smart "jeans" and we were away.

The white thing sticking out of his pocket is, apparently, a pistol (oh yes, he really is a boy).

The back view

And an action shot (well, a post about boys wouldn't be complete without an action shot would it?!)

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