Friday, 5 November 2010

Amusing a 5 year old with tonsillitus

Mme E has been ill. She hasn't been able to speak, or eat and we have had no skipping now for three days. Properly ill.

However, the antibiotics are now starting to kick in and she wanted to do something this afternoon (she had already exhausted the Hello Kitty colouring pages this morning). So out came three plain grey tops sewn up last night on my new toy (more to come on that later) and my box of 'bits and pieces' and she spent a good couple of hours designing her new tops.

No. 1 Two pink buttons

No. 2 Black lace shoulder adornments (and a further piece of black lace round the bottom, not shown) finished off with a golden button
(she seems to have been channelling her Fame meets Madonna in the '80s vibe here!)

No. 3 Pink and black striped bow and ruffle

Three new tops. One happy girl.

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