Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Sink.......or make yourself a dress?

What do you do when you are sinking in sewing projects destined for christmas presents with the only dry land in sight being a very steep and slippery, gloomy and imposing rock (the winter coat project)?

That's right - you get your head down working slowly and meticulously through your projects in an ordered and organised fashion.

Yep - you guessed - I tossed reason to the side, pulled out some of this

cotton plaid fabric from Etoffes des Heros

rifled through these to find a suitable pattern

decided on this

Dress E from Japanese Pattern Book - Stylish Dress Book 1

and made myself a dress

I cut a size 9 and followed the pattern directions completely except for omitting one of the pockets and adding some piping at the top of the pocket to give it some definition.

Black piping at top of pocket

After wearing the dress for a day, I basted the pocket closed so that it doesn't gape. (This also means that little hands can't put random things in the pocket which is an added bonus!)

Sewing for others and grown up proper projects are all very well but once in a while a bit of instant gratification is needed!


  1. How do you make a dress so quickly? It looks lovely Popsie xx

  2. Well done Zoe!! Now back to your winter coat please please please... Great tip sewing pockets closed.