Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas is coming......

and I need to get a wriggle on with my winter coat - I know.

In fact I have been working hard on it but just haven't had time to get it all documented - but that will all be righted tomorrow.

In addition to my new dress (yesterday's post) I succumbed to the pleas of the little people and made some more advent bunting - photos will follow as the ones I took late last night are too nasty to show!

I also 'had' to make 24 BLUE little bags for petit garçon's advent treats - he told me he liked the bunting but it was too pink (he had a point) and he wanted ONLY BLUE. The boy-thing continues!

You will see, if you are attentive!, that I have added a page at the top there, under the heading - titled Advent Calendar 2010. Check back each day to see a little bit of what I am loving this December.

And, to start the festive period off I will leave you with a little bit of glitz....

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