Friday, 5 November 2010

Winter Coat(s)!

As mentioned what seems like many moons ago one of the major projects on my list is a new winter coat. I seem to have spent a rather large amount of time searching for inspiration (aka buying and reading magazines rather than doing anything useful!) and have now reached a sort of short list.

I thought I would share with you my quickly-put-together mood board of inspiration, courtesy of polyvore. (On a side note you should head on over there if you fancy a bit of interior design or fashion fun - I reckon it could be very addictive.)

But, back to the matter in hand. My winter coat. As tends to happen what starts with one idea for one garment ends up taking on bigger proportions. Not only do I now feel compelled to do at least some pad stitching, having followed Gertie's Lady Grey sew along but I think that now what I really need is a winter coat (think smart-ish - see top three images below) and a autumn/winter jacket (think maybe plaid? and definitely more casual).

Oh the dilemmas of the seamstress!

Welcome to Polyvore!

On a slightly more positive note I have identified the fabrics I am going to use and they are currently winging their way to me. Next step find a pattern and do a muslin!

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