Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Boy room

For the next couple of weeks I am on 'project house'. Our long awaited extension is nearly completed which means that the little people all get new bedrooms. Having shared altogether for the last 5 months petit garçon is not too enamoured to be getting his own space. Sharing with his big sisters was, for him, a promotion and therefore moving back, into an albeit new and completely redesigned bedroom, all on his own is somewhat disappointing.

To try and win him round I am currently working on the 'boy' of boys bedroom. When asked what he wanted in his bedroom the overall message was that it should be BLUE (and he didn't mean white with a hint of!). I have therefore spent the last couple of days painting one wall 'jean bleu' - which is most definitely BLUE. Not wanting the room to be too dark I have opted for white on the other three walls (although one of those walls has built in cupboards and one other has the window so they are only small surfaces to paint - thankfully!). The remaining white wall will house a red bookshelf and I am thinking of painting a grey blackboard on the lower section of the other half of the wall.

The decorating will hopefully be done by the weekend leaving next week to put together the furniture, make the curtains and some cushions and hang the posters and photos I have prepared.

This is my rough working design...

Boy room
Boy room

I'll keep you posted on progress!

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  1. boy room looks great. Love the working collage! popsie