Friday, 14 January 2011

Late arrival at the Cupcake Goddess' party

OK, so if you've stopped by here before you may have noticed the lovely little button on the right hand side stating that I am a proud member of the Cupcake Goddess' trouser sew along.

Now the thing is that this sew along started a couple of weeks ago and Sunni has written some fantastic posts detailing the construction of the muslin. She has even started posting about the alterations to the muslin to get a perfect fit (and that is not even mentionned the posts about the pattern, the shopping lists etc etc)

And where am I?? Hmmm, you've got it - precisely nowhere. My muslin is not even cut out, let along being altered to fit little old me.

But this is about to change. I mean, better late than never - no? Yesterday I bought two lovely fabrics which over the coming weeks will (hopefully) be transformed into two perfectly fitted pairs of trousers.
The pattern is now cut out, the size is chosen and this weekend the muslin will be constructed and fitting will commence.

Much much more on this and birthday resolutions to come!

Have a great weekend!

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