Wednesday, 26 January 2011

To Burda or not to Burda

So my muslins are done (more on muslin 2 later today/tomorrow) and I am ready to cut into proper fabric. But before I do I thought I would retrace my steps and talk about patterns. Sunni is using Burda 127 pattern shown in the lovely button above.

If I am honest I was slightly hesitant to follow her lead.

Firstly, it is a 'tall' pattern, which isn't really a problem with the pattern admittedly but it does create some problems if one is not height gifted. Given that I measure 165cm I wouldn't normally go with a 'tall' pattern.

Secondly, Burda patterns have, as all patterns seem to, their own set of particularities, relating to the sizing chart to name just one. Also their inexplicable way of not adding seam allowances but then including the hem allowance and in this case, turn-up allowance never ceases to throw me.

Thirdly, I will admit that I am lazy and will nearly always choose a pattern that I can just cut out and trace round onto the fabric rather than one I have to print off, stick together, cut out, trace round and add my own seam allowances.

And, last but not least, the pattern is not like any pair of trouser that I normally wear. In fact I can honestly say that I have nothing similar in my wardrobe ('closet' for those of you over the Atlantic from here!) and it is not even the kind of trouser that I would normally even try on if out shopping.

But despite all that I decided to stick with it.

I felt, I will admit, that if Sunni has gone to all the effort of organising the sew along, writing and photo imaging detailed construction and fitting instructions then I should go with the pattern she has chosen (this is by no way criticising those who have chosen other patterns - no one style is for everyone and maybe if I had already got a different trouser pattern I too would have been tempted to go with that instead).

I also felt quite excited at the thought of trying to make this kind of trouser fit and suit me (given it is not my usual style choice). I have, for a while now, hankered after a smart pair of black trousers and the more I thought about it the more I thought that this pattern could maybe be made to work here.

Besides, Sunni promised me that if I made these trousers I would look tall and leggy. And who wouldn't want to look tall and leggy?

So Burda 127 it is.

But having decided to stay with Burda 127 that didn't stop me perusing other trouser patterns. The main pattern companies didn't inspire me much but then I happened upon Hot Patterns - and I think I have found my trouser pattern heaven!

Take a look at these

Classic Nouveau Dressy Jean

Colette Patterns is organising a Spring Palette Challenge - see more details here and I can see one or two of these patterns making their way into my little capsule spring collection (now doesn't that sound exciting!).


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