Wednesday, 8 June 2011

30 Day PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE and Photo Fun- June 8

First up today was a photo of a bad habit.

"Hmmm, this is going to be difficult" I said to my Mr Darcy over breakfast, "I mean, I'm sure that I maybe have one or two slightly annoying habits but I can't really think of any bad ones".

Once he had finished choking on his Frosties he assured me I'd think of something. So supportive, that's what I think I like best about him!

Fast foward 13 hours, as I was waiting for the sun to go down (see below), inspiration struck as I hit the bottom of the family size pack of Dime bars....

Hours spent on Pinterest, eating chocolate - is that really a bad habit?

For the Photo Fun challenge today's theme was the sunset. When I opened the shutters to torrential rain and thick surrounding cloud this morning I thought that this too would be something of a challenge today but luckily the weather cleared this afternoon and although it was in no way a spectacular sunset I could at least see when the sun went down.

Sunset June 8 2011

Finally, just to show that we do sometimes get more impressive sunsets - here is one I photographed earlier (in fact, last Autumn).

Sunset, Autumn 2010

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