Saturday, 11 June 2011

30 Day PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE and Photo Fun- June 10

The first theme on day 10 of the photo challenges was 'Childhood Memory'. Taking a slightly different approach I decided to snap a few things that I hope will make up the childhood memories of the little people.

Firstly, spending time with and working with Daddy in the garden.

Secondly, free and uninhibited play.

And, finally, special outings (we took the girls to see a selection of modern ballets last night) (not forgetting - special presents from Popsie - spot the dresses!)

The second theme of the day was 'Animal'. I also took a slightly different approach to this theme but mainly, this time, because I don't do animals. Four legs? Not to be trusted and definitely not to be approached so there was little chance of me photographing something live and real. Step up little boy's new best friend - Dolphin. Perfect.

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