Friday, 10 June 2011

Me-Made-June Days 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Day 5: 
Sunday was another wet and windy day and I had promised to take the little people to the pool. I also used the morning to finish off the cleaning and tidying in the new utility room so rather than mess up a new outfit I wore the same as I had worn on Saturday (posted here).

Day 6:

Monday, new week, new take on an outfit. I got out the grey/black linen drawstring trousers I made last summer (posted here) and teamed them with a black t-shirt and a stripy jacket. A pop of colour was added by wearing my turquoise converse (but they don't show up that well on the photo).

Day 6

Day 7:

The sun came out and so to celebrate I wore my first dress of Me-Made-June! It was the first wearing for this dress which is loosely based on a pattern from one of the Japanese pattern books I own - but with a shortened bodice, a contrasting waist band and tie and a pleated skirt. By the end of the day I was quite chuffed with the dress - it was very very comfy to wear and I like the colour and I got at least three compliments (including from the ladies in the fabric warehouse I went to Tuesday afternoon to stock up....)

Day 8:

More rain called for the linen trousers to be called back into operation and sensible converse were again needed - less so for the pop of colour this time than for the comfort factor - I had gone all out on Tuesday wearing a dress and heels and so my poor back and calf muscles needed a bit of flat action. 

I pushed the boat out today though by wearing a complete Me-Made outfit - you may recognise the top from my Sobretto post the other day - a yellow gingham pull on vest top with front pleat - and it added a much needed bit of colour to a fairly drab (weather wise) day.

I have to say that I like the top a lot although I am not sure that I will get too much more wear out of it this summer as the bump grows.....I am therefore thinking of giving the other two Sobretto tops as presents and making myself a couple more but with a maternity variation (longer front).

Day 9:

Finally, for this post, another completely Me-Made outfit. You may remember way back I posted about the muslins made for these trousers. Well, finally, ta da! My blue linen wide leg trousers that I made following the Cupcake Goddesses trouser sew along. I love these trousers, they are comfy and smart (or as smart as linen can be) and can be dressed up and down. If I get time I would like to make another couple of pairs - one of my purchases on Tuesday afternoon was a quantity of black linen - so watch this space!

Here they are teamed with a Liberty blouse adapted from a Japanese sewing pattern for a dress (I just made it shorter). I finished sewing the buttons on the blouse just before I put it on and will give you more details on more pictures in my new feature - a weekly sewing round up post this weekend.

Needless to say, after getting up early to sew the buttons on I needed a an extra cafeine burst!

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