Saturday, 4 June 2011

Me-Made-June Days 3 and 4

So the rain kept falling, only livened up today by some spectacular thunder and lightening. Rather than harping on again about how annoying it is that I can't display my new collection of spring and summer dresses I thought I would make the most of the fact that this weather makes it infinitely preferable to stay  indoors.

Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning and sorting. Our new kitchen is nearing completion and the builders have finally vacated the space that is to become our new utility room. Very exciting I hear you say. Believe me if you have not had access to your washing machine for two months and you have three small-ish children you are excited when you get your utility room back!

Only in order to use the said machine I had to unearth it and everything else stored in, around and on top of it from two months worth of builders dust and grime. I was tempted to fling on an old t-shirt and jeans but decided that, even for cleaning, I should wear at least one me-made garment. So out came a blue small dot jersey top that I actually made a couple of months ago but haven't yet worn. 

I was, I will admit, pleasantly surprised. It, I thought, looked better on than I had remembered and brightened up an otherwise fairly dull day. That is until my husband saw me, J-cloth in hand, knee deep in dust, and said "Good job matching your top to the J-cloth".

Enough said.

the J-cloth top
One day of cleaning is more than enough for me so today I made the most of the rain by catching up on some sewing projects. The me-made garment worn today is a blue fine knit top made with the same pattern as the dusty pink top seen the other day. This blue top is slightly longer than the pink one which makes it ideal for wearing with leggings for a comfy, staying at home day.

Navy fine knit top
Having flittered across the blogs of a couple of the other people participating in the Me-Made-June challenge I have noticed that a fair few did a kind of inventory of their me-made clothes at the start of the month. 

Now if I had done this I would have no doubt realised, as I am sure you are starting to, that I have quite a lot of me-made tops. I also have, although for now you will have to take my word for it, a fair few me-made dresses. 

Sadly lacking though are me-made trousers or skirts. That's not to say I don't have any - remember this post? Well they did get finished and you will see them soon enough and I have one other pair of me-made trousers too but that's not very many to see me through a whole month is it? I have several me-made skirts but most of them are wintry and not for now (even given the weather!).

Luckily I only signed up to wear at least one me-made garment a day (and not just me-made garments) so the lack of trousers and skirts doesn't curtail my ability to continue with the challenge but I thought it interesting enough to share with you the reflection that, even after only 4 days, I should in future concentrate my sewing on a wider spectrum of garments.

Tree reflection in a muddy puddle

(Good job I spent at least half the day sewing a whole range of Sobretto tops then isn't it????!)

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