Thursday, 7 October 2010

Project Runway Challenge- at last!

Remember this post?

Well, after a couple of weeks that haven't been very condusive to sewing or blogging I have finally got round to photographing what happened to the shirt and the jeans (more to come at a later date on the skirt).

The Shirt

The shirt lost the collar and yoke and then I cut two front sections out of the front panels of the shirt, a back section out of the back and two sleeves out of the upper sections of the dismantled sleeves. Add a bit of liberty bias and some brightly coloured "sweetie" buttons, a bit of elastic shirring round the neckline and ta dah!

The Jeans

The jeans were cut into strips. One section went into making this marble bag. I had specific instructions on what a marble bag should be - square or rectangular, with a closure so the marbles don't fall out and the strap should go round the body enabling the wearer to carry it without it hindering other playground activities such as skipping, clapping or playing hopskotch. Job done, I think.

The remainder of the jeans is currently being used in another project - watch this space!

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