Saturday, 20 November 2010

Project progress

You may remember that I said that I was going to spend this last week working on Christmas projects. Well, for once, I have done as I said.

You have already seen the bunting and I have now nearly finished filling all the pockets. Given that the bunting is heading to a six month old, and, in addition, I have three lots of advent pockets to fill for les mademoiselles et petit garçon I really really didn't want to spend a fortune on little gifts. Many of the gifts are therefore home-made or home adapted and I will do a more crafty post in a few days to show you what I did (craft posts are not normally my thing but seeing as I now I have a glue gun (I know, wow!) I think I am now qualified to do craft posts!)

So, advent is nearly taken care of (well, unless I pay heed to my children begging for bunting like baby 'fia's that is!) and I have also made some head way into the list of things to be done for Christmas. We are going to be spending Christmas with family so that les mlles et petit garçon will be with their cousins. The small females in the family will each receive a corduroy dress:

The dresses aren't completely finished - the smaller, red one need the buttons sewing on and the bigger, violet ones need hemming and the facings hand sewing down.

The red dresses are for a 6 month old and a three year old.

and I used a New Look pattern  for them (pattern number 6578) that my mum kindly donated to me.

The bigger dresses are for a 5 year old, a nearly 7 year old and a nearly 8 year old and are from Simplicity pattern number 3859. Again, thanks Mum! 

Once they are completely finished I will do a more detailed post on the dresses. I tried to ensure that I tried something new or slightly different on each of them but more on that later.

As regards other Christmas presents, fabrics are chosen and are currently being pre-shrunk and I hope to have patterns chosen in the next couple of days.

I have also done (a little) work on my winter coat. The weekly progress report on that will be up tomorrow.

Bon weekend!

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  1. Glad the old patterns came in useful. Tres bon et bon courage pour tous que tu auras besoin de finir. popsie x